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Onions create logistical problems


SHUJALPUR : More than 60,000 quintals of onion has been purchased at the procurement centre here to date but still hundreds of farmers are reaching the town with tractor-trolleys laden with onions. The huge inflow is creating logistical problems. On Thursday, the procurement had to be stopped for want of space to keep the onion stocks.

In view of the huge inflow, the administration has decided to transport the procured onions through good trains. So far, three rakes have been dispatched. Many farmers are reaching the centre without making the mandatory registration in advance. It has been made clear to the farmers that they would have to first register themselves at the Mandi office or the Tehsil office and they would called one by one to get their produce weighed.

The Mandi premises is chock-a-block with tractor-trolleys and hundreds of tractor-trolleys have been parked on the roads, creating hurdles in the smooth flow of traffic. Vishnu Patidar, the manager of the marketing society said that farmers are coming to centre without registration and that was disrupting the arrangements. He said that some farmers are ‘insitigating’ others, which may lead to trouble. Tehsildar Prakash Kasbe said that the system of prior registration has been introduced to ensure that farmers do not have to wait for long and the city does not get choked with tractor-trolleys. He said that it would be in the interest of the farmers to register themselves.