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MP Assembly Elections 2018: First time voters are serious about their candidates


The first time voters in the city are excited to vote. They told to Free Press that they want to choose those candidates who believe in doing work more than speaking. They also said our candidates must think beyond caste, creed and religion and work for all. “We will vote for those candidates who are well educated so that they can understand the importance of education,” they said. Some of them also said that women safety should also in their priority list.

Excerpts :

I will vote, and I am excited about it. I had applied for a voter ID card when I was 18. I will vote for those candidates who will understand and solve our problems including infrastructure of our locality. I live at Ayodhya Bypass but the condition of roads in my locality is pathetic. There are lots of potholes. I want that a candidate whose work will do the talking.





Student I am confused when it comes to selecting my candidate. During election, all political parties start talking about caste and religion, forgetting the real issues, including farmers. I want to elect those candidates who will have a Ground Zero connect and think beyond caste, creed and religion.

SANA AZHAR,21, student





Student I got my voter ID card in January, this year. Also, I have attended workshops and seminars, organised by the EC in our college. I will vote for those who are serious with education. If the standard of education improves, other problems will get resolved automatically. The candidate should also have moral values.

ABHISHEK YADAV, 20, student





Student I will vote for educated, serious and sensitive candidates. I would also like to check their past contribution towards society building. Candidates with criminal background is a big NO-NO for me. I am looking for candidates who can ensure women safety.

SHAGUN DUBEY, 19, student





Student I got my voter ID two days back and am waiting for the candidates’ list. My candidate should be a serious and silent worker. Those with only gift of the gab are not for me. I will check their qualification and political background. Also, they must be interested in solving women issues.

NIKITA VAJPAI, 19, student

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