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MP Assembly Elections 2018: Wait till the last vote is counted 


Bhopal: This may not have happened in Madhya Pradesh, but elections… should be taken very seriously. In 2008, the Rajasthan Congress Chief C.P. Joshi lost to Kalyan Singh Chouhan of BJP by a single vote, with Joshi polling 62215 votes against 62216 votes being polled by Chouhan. Had Joshi’s own mother, wife, and driver turned up to vote, Joshi could have won! Strange are the ways of Indian polling… In MP there are four examples in which the destiny had decided the winner and the deciding factor was the service voters. Interestingly, in the state, the BJP MLAs are luckier to get the service voters’ votes.

One vote in the democracy is as much important as it can form the government and also a leader can became MLA! As it has been mentioned at the beginning of this article. In 2013 elections from Barghat, Congress candidate Arjun Singh and BJP candidate Kamal Marskole were locked in a contest. Arjun Singh managed 76,425votes and Marskole got 76311 votes. By the vote difference, the Congress candidate stood out as the winner. But mere dost picture baki tha! When the ballot boxes which contained the voter slips of were opened, Kamal got 811 votes and Arjun got 428 votes. AND THE WINNER was Kamal who had won the election with 269 votes.

One of the stalwart BJP leader and politician who is also holding the important portfolio of finance in the Shivraj government, Jayant Malliya had won the 2008 elections because of service voters. The Congress candidate Chandrbhan Singh and Jayant Malliya’s destiny was decided by the service votes. Malliya got 534 service votes and Chandrabhan had received 233 votes. AND Malliya won the election by 171 votes. In 2008 itself, at the Parasiya seat, Congress candidate Sohanlal Valmiki clocked 49912 votes from EVM and BJP candidate Tarachand Bawaria got 49734 votes. Valmiki had won the election by 178 votes… But when the box of service voters was opened, the situation changed, Valmiki got 151 votes and Bawaria got 422 votes and finally Bawaria won the election by 93 votes.

Where as Bawaria was defeated with huge margin by Valmiki in the election of 2013. The election of 2008 once again came in light when Neena Verma won the election with just one vote. From Dhar seat Neena Verma was contesting the election from BJP ticket and Balmukund Singh Goutam was contesting from Congress ticket. Goutam got 50346 votes and Verma’s vote count was pegged at 50044 votes, Verma was defeated by 302 votes. As the service votes were counted, Goutam got 163 votes and Verma managed 466 votes. Neena Verma won the election by ONE vote, Goutam filed a case in the Court and won the case. On the last day of the Vidhan Sabha, he took oath as a MLA. In the elections of 2013, Goutam lost the seat by 11,482 votes to Neena Verma.

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