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MP Assembly Elections 2018: Helpless till polls, neta tells voters in board outside his house


Bhopal: Minister for Panchayat and Rural Development Gopal Bhargava has put a board outside his house stating that he was unable to get works done because of election code of conduct and would get the works done after elections. Bhargava is MLA from Rahli constituency of Sagar district. The Board put up by the minister after announcement of poll dates has become the talk of the town in his constituency. When any person comes to Bhargava’s house at Gadakota for works prohibited under code of conduct, the party workers cite the message on the Board.

It is stated on the Board that works related to financial help in cash, medical treatment, including of name in BPL list, getting slip for ration, aid in marriage and performing of last rites and approval of lavatory construction have been stopped. It is suggested on the Board to the people not to get bothered and their works would be taken up for disposal immediately after the result of elections. Bhargava has been winning elections from Rahli constituency for eight times.

His popularity in his constituency can be gauged from the fact that despite his not being involved in campaigning in last assembly elections, he won by a margin of 51,000 votes. Bhargava said the people in his constituency have rural background and they do not know which works were not allowed after announcement of poll dates. The Board has been put up outside the house so that they should understand and do not come for getting the works which were not possible to do. He said several people come to him for recommendation of medical assistance but it was not possible now.


Other ministers, after the announcement of poll dates, are giving assurances that they could not get the works done because of code of conduct. Ministers fear of directly refusing people as it is election time. The ministers who represent rural constituencies are facing this problem the most. According to Narmada Valley Development Authority minister Lal Singh Arya, people were suggested that works could not be done due to election code of conduct. Arya said despite telling this fact, some people get annoyed.

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