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Monsoon turns Bhopal into Srinagar


BHOPAL : With temperature hovering around 20 to 24 degree in Bhopal for the last couple of days, people here have started comparing it with hill stations, including Srinagar which is experiencing day temperature between 28 and 32-degree.

Intermittent light drizzle and beechen green have added to the pristine landscape of the city. The cool breeze has spawned hill-station effects forcing people to wear warm clothes at night. Even the day temperature in the state capital has remained below the normal in the last two days.

On Saturday, the day temperature was recorded at 23.7 degree, which was 6-degree below normal and 0.02-degree less than Friday. The night temperature dropped to 20 degree.

Pleasant weather has led to increase in footfall at scenic places like MP tribal Museum, Indira Gandhi Manav Sanghralaya,

Bharat Bhawan, Birla Temple, Manuabhan ki tekri, Ekant park besides picnic spots like upper lake, Kerwa, Kaliasot etc. Most of the visitors are youngsters.

Tourism officials said that the footfall at spots maintained by them across Bhopal has witnessed an increase in the last couple of weeks. “Besides Bhopalites, people from places around the state capital too are frequenting here, especially during weekends,” said Anil, manager at tourism outlet in Bhopal.

The footfall at our museum has almost doubled, admitted Ashok Mishra, curator at MP Tribal Museum.

Even social media is flooded with weather update pictures from Bhopal. Groups on Instagram like IG Bhopal, Bhopal Info, Wassup Bhopal. Facebook page administrator of Bhopal Walk, Lovely Gulati said that the weather supported the Bhopal walk organised on Saturday. “Rippling waves of the Upper Lake were awesome and the weather reminded me of Srinagar automatically. The wind was pulling away our umbrellas creating scene right from some movie,” said Gulati.

She said she generally organised walks during weekends, but the current weather has forced the community members to come together almost daily this week. ‘Most of our community members are armed with DSLR cameras. They upload the picture and ask the viewer to guess the place and most of the answers amuse us, as they name prominent hill stations,” she added.