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Major fire erupts in oil tanker, rly cabin at Bhauri Bakania


Bhopal : Major fire erupted in an oil tanker, railway cabin, Bhauri Bakania under Khajuri Sadak police station on Friday night. Immediately, villagers located in Bhauri Bakania region were evacuated.

Large number of oil containers, pipes and other materials were found from the spot. It appears to be handiwork of miscreants involved in stealing oil (petrol and diesel) from railway racks. Bhauri-Bakania comes under jurisdiction of the Ratlam Division. Railway cabin is hardly 300 metre from Reliance Oil depot, Bhauri-Bakania. Oil-theft is reported to be major reason behind fire as police have seized vehicles of other district. Railway (Ratlam division) has ordered high level probe into the matter. In the morning, collector Sudam Khade, the railways officials and police officials visited the spot.

Ajay Singh, president of petrol-pumps owners association said, “It is nexus of miscreants and local police of Khajuri Sadak. The miscreants enjoy full protection of police and steal the diesel and petrol. It is a big racket. Many times, we have complained but nothing concrete has been done. So this time, it led to a fire.”

Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) fire officer Sajid Khan said, “Major fire incident has been averted as timely fire extinguishers were deployed to douse the fire. Even oil depot employees provided fire extinguishers for the use. Villagers were told to leave the village with anticipation that fire may spread. But we struggled to douse it.”

Joint team of police, GRP, RPF formed for probe

A joint team of Bhopal police, GRP and RPF has been formed for the probe. A team from district administration led by collector Sudam Khade, DIG Dharmendra Chaudhary, SP (Rail) Ruchi Vardhan, ADM GP Mali, SDM Atul Singh, ASP Samir Yadav and others visited the spot where the fire had erupted in the oil tanker, railway cabin, Bhauri Bakania. MLA Rameshwar Sharma also visited the site. DIG Dharmendra Chaudhary has instructed for probe into matter. He had given instructions for proper security and safety to all the refilling centres, oil depots, Police recovered 67 filled barrels and 65 of them were completely filled and 62 empty barrels from spot.

‘Matter concerns railway, police’

Operation manager Reliance oil depot Vijay Ghotale said, “It is not our territory as fire erupted at oil tanker in railway cabin which is 300 metre away from our plant. However, we provided all fire extinguishers (foam) to douse the fire.  It is totally matter of railway and police. And plant has nothing to do with it. Petrol and diesel supply will remain unaffected with this fire.”

We won’t spare anyone: DRM

Ratlam DRM RN Sunkar said, “We have taken it seriously. Prima facie, oil -theft seems to be main reason as vehicles and containers were found at the spot. We will not spare anyone involved in oil pilferage leading to major fire. It is first time after I took over charge as DRM. We are looking into matter.”

Clear cut case of oil theft: SP

SP (Rail) Ruchi Vardhan said, “We have seized vehicles, pipes and container from railway cabin where fire incident occurred. One of the seized vehicles is registered at Gwalior. So it is clear cut case of oil theft. We cannot establish that people of other district are involved as generally people use stolen vehicles. People used to draw diesel and petrol through pipes. It led to fire at railway cabin as oil tanker caught fire. Immediately fire extinguishers were deployed to douse the fire. We have ordered probe into matter.”