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Light up Diwali with diyas not crackers, says Bhopalites


Bhopal: The Supreme Court’s ban on the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR during Diwali has sparked off a huge debate all across the nation. Has the apex court’s ban on sale of firecrackers taken the sheen off the festival? Or, has it snuffed out the spirit of the celebration? Or, will the ban actually bring down the pollution level? In order to get some of these question answered, Free Press talked to Bhopalites.

While some supported the ban saying Diwali is a festival of lights and there is no place for firecrackers, however, there were others who were not happy with the prohibition. Cracker bursting and Diwali celebration goes hand in hand reasoned out some, while others tried to give an emotional angle to whole issue saying that the ban will impact the livelihood of thousands of people engaged in the industry.

They say instead of banning firecrackers, the authorities should increase forest cover, evict old vehicles from roads, and control factories whose chimneys belch out poisonous smoke day in and day out.

Sindhu Dholpure, a counsellor

I don’t think, banning sale on firecrackers can help bring down pollution levels. By doing so, they have hit the livelihood of some of the people. Two important festivals of India, Holi and Diwali, are celebrated once a year, and Diwali is synonymous with firecrackers. Agar hum kisi festival ka main theme hi khatm kar denge to festival ka matlab kya rah jayega… (if we do away with the main theme of any festival, its celebrations become meaningless.) If the court and the government really want to check pollution level, they should ban old vehicles which emit deadly smokes daily.

Shalini Gupta, theatre actor

I think firecracker of high density should be banned. Excessive use of crackers is causes many problems like asthma, while it also leads to global warming and pollution. The Hindu celebrates Diwali by bursting crackers. There are more crackers bursting on Diwali than on other occasions New Year eve or marriages.

Sunil Dubey ‘Vrikshamitra’, environmentalist

The ban on sale of firecrackers on the Diwali is not the solution. If they are keen on checking pollution, bursting of crackers should be banned on Christmas because 80% of firecrackers are used for celebration on the day across the world. Today, 70 % of forest cover has disappeared. Trees are being cut down the name of bringing up Smart City. If we really want to control pollution, we have to check the smoke being emitted from vehicles and factories. Also, we should pay attention to afforestation.

Shruti Kriti, choreographer

Since 90 % of people burst firecrackers on Diwali, the decision may help bring down the pollution level to some extent, but it may not be a permanent solution. Some measures, like planting saplings, checking smoke emitting from vehicles and factories, should be taken to deal with pollution.

Siddhart Barik, student

It is a good initiative by the court, and I think the decision can help us solve the problem. We have seen the condition of Delhi which remained under a thick cover of smog for a week due to bursting of firecrackers during Diwali last year. As per the Hindu tradition, Diwali is a festival of lights not bursting firecrackers.