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Karwa Chauth: Sumptuous food, merry-making a day before the austere fast


* Karwa Chauth-eve celebrations are the in thing these days

* Some planning to use Skype to connect with their hubbies

BHOPAL: On ‘Karwa Chauth’ married Hindu women fast for the whole day to pray for the long life of their husbands. Like all other festivals, with time, the manner of celebrating this festival has also undergone a change.

Today, women make sure that the festival is not only about doing without water and food for the sake of their Pati Parmeshwars – but it is also a joyous celebration. And herein enter pre-Karwa Chauth celebrations.

On this occasion, married women gather together and enjoy the day eating, dancing and applying Mehendi. Dressed like newly-weds, they look resplendent in their heavily-embroidered saris and glittering ornaments. They say that fasting the whole day for their husbands makes them look more gorgeous and it is the love for their husbands that gives their faces an unusual glow.

Shweta Dang Pandey– I don’t fast alone on Karwa Chauth. My husband fasts along with me. It is a most special feeling when your husband also fasts for you. Pre-Karwa Chauth celebration is basically about enjoying the day before the fast.

 Being a Punjabi, I celebrate Karwa Chauth in the traditional manner from morning till evening. We go shopping in the day and perform Puja. Pre-Karwa Chauth celebrations let us enjoy a day before we fast. This actually doubles the joy of fasting- Manya Vats

Fasting for your husband is such a lovely feeling. You don’t feel tired at all. That’s why every woman looks so beautiful. Celebrating the festival is more fun when done with your friends. At pre-karwa chauth parties we dance, sing and enjoy with our friends. This makes the day more special”.– Rachna Shewani

I enjoy a lot at pre-Karwa Chauth celebrations. I am ready with a new dance this year. The fact that Karwa Chauth is a celebration of marital love, doubles my energy. I dress up like a bride, meet my friends and perform puja with my family and of course my husband is always there to take care of me the whole day. Basically karwa chauth is more about women than men.- Neetu Sinha

I attend the pre-Karwa Chauth parties to enjoy a day before the fast and on the day, I celebrate it in traditionally like my mother-in-law and my mother taught me.  I am expecting a surprise gift from my husband this year. Let us see how he surprises me. This is a very special day. It is more than just a token expression of my love for my hubby.- Manisha Anand

We Punjabis make it sure that karwa chauth is celebrated with all the occaopanying rituals. We begin praying from early morning and have sargi. And in the evening all the women gather together and pray. It is such an ethereal feeling to pray together for husbands.– Ranjana Sharma

This year my Karwa Chauth will be celebrated on Skype because my husband is not here. It is sad but it will not be a big deal because we will be meeting soon. Even though I am a little upset since he is not here, I enjoyed with my friends at the pre-karwa chauth celebration. Thanks to them, I am feeling much better and of course, the day will also be great”.- Alpana Dwiwed