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Intellectuals of Lutyens targetting symbols of innocent faith, posts ACS


Amid nation-wide outcry & SC concern over violence by kanwariyas

Bhopal : Amid nation-wide outcry and Supreme Court’s reprimand over violence unleashed by Kanwariyas in Delhi, senior IAS officer and additional chief secretary  (ACS) Manoj Shrivastava has accused “intellectuals of Lutyens” of targeting the shiv-bhakts describing them as “symbol of innocent faith.”

Senior IAS officer and additional chief secretary Manoj Shrivastava, amidst nation-wide controversy over Kanwarias resorting to violence in Delhi, has come out in support of the latter. Shrivastava, in his post in support of Kanwarias, wrote on social media that Kanwaria were being targeted by the intellectuals of Lutyen.

Posting in his facebook page, Shrivastava said that after Gau-rakshaks, Kanwariyas were now on the hit-list of these pseudo intellectuals.

Accepting that a few kanwariyas may have misbehaved with people, he however lamented that their issues were not being discussed with sensitivity.

In his post, the ACS wrote, “Those who have turned Yamuna into a nullah are now targeting those who walk barefoot to offer sacred water to Shivlinga during Shravan”

Litterateurs and journalists have been condemning violence unleashed by Kanwariyas  in Delhi and UP. This is for the first time that a senior IAS officer has come out openly in support of Kanwariyas. Earlier, a photograph of an additional director general of UP police showering petals from helicopter on Kanwariyas too had gone viral.

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