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Govt, experts pool in ideas for Bhopal smart city


Bhopal: The ideas on Bhopal smart city project provided by Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited, department of urban administration, local planners, MP Power Distribution Company and KPMG were discussed threadbare at a workshop held here on Tuesday. These ideas will form basis for Bhopal smart city’s green and blue master plan.

As per the presentations made at the workshop, the corporation will work for conservation of green and the blue belt which will cover 127.8 square kilometer area.

The project also envisages conservation of water bodies through policies, plans and regulations for efficient management of water resources (surface and ground water). This will include conservation of natural ecosystems, which include city’s water bodies and wetlands.

While making a presentation, KPMG group that is working with BSCDCL, said that the areas which are vulnerable to climate changes will have separate plans. They include low lying areas which get flooded due to excessive rains. These areas will have multi-utility flood rescue vehicles to monitor flooding intensities and provide assistance in water logged areas.

It has been observed that the high rise buildings trap sun heat, which increases temperature. Such areas will have natural canopies as shading device to minimise sun penetration. Similar canopies will be installed at areas near high traffic volume signals. This will help to reduce heat impact on two wheeler riders and other passersby.

The company also suggested incentives for construction of green roofs. BSCDCL will certify green buildings.

At the workshop, suggestions were made on energy conservation for which the company plans to use sensors. These sensors will detect need for air conditioners and other equipments. The sensors will switch off these gadgets if not needed. Similarly, electricity-saving water pumps with new capacitors and impellers will be installed. The pole mounted street lights will be fitted with solar panels.

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