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GIS 2016: Government says no to unwanted Babus, ministers


BHOPAL: Many ministers and officers have not been invited in the Global Investors’ Summit going to be organised in Indore on October 22 and 23.

 Nearly all the ministers and officers stayed put in Indore for three days in the GIS organised in 2014 despite they had no business with the GIS. However, the government this time has decided that the departments the session of which would be held in the GIS would be invited only.

The focus in the GIS would be centred this time on defence production, agriculture based industries, automobile, renewable energy, tourism, textile, urban development, pharma industries and IT. And it is the ministers and officials of these departments who are being invited in the summit.

A few officers expressed their resentment for being sidelined in the summit. An officer of the industries department said there was some chaotic situation during the last GIS because of the unnecessary crowd. And to avoid the same only those are being invited who would be needed by the government.

4,000 guests have been invited in the GIS. The number of Central ministers has also been cut short. The officials said this is a business meeting for which it has been patterned in that way.