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Ganeshotsava concludes with immersion of Ganesh idols


BHOPAL : The immersion of idols of Lord Ganesh on Ananta Chaturdashi on Sunday marked the end of Ganeshotsava. The administration and Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) made arrangements of all the facilities large scale at the lakes and other water bodies identified for the immersion. Besides, the BMC installed water-filled tanks at various places with pandals, flexes and banners appealing devotees to immerse idols in the tanks just to conserve Lakes after instruction of National Green Tribunal (NGT).

The NGT had made clear-cut instructions for the arrangement. It has laid down ruling for the safe immersion. At the point of immersion, the local authority and the district administration should ensure that there is a responsible officer in-charge available on the spot to oversee all the arrangements and also make sure that systematic immersion of the idols takes place. As the immersion continues till late night, the instructions were also issued for arrangement of lights.

At Lakesides, boats and cranes were made available. Some areas of the lakes were demarcated with ropes for the boatmen not to go beyond the rope during immersion. Devotees immersed idols taking out idols in form of procession and DJ music with devotional songs.

Mainly the water bodies identified for the immersion were Khatlapura bank of Lower Lake, Shahpura Lake, Prempura Ghat in addition to BMC made arrangement of water-filled tanks. Devotees used the boats for the immersion of idols.