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Easter Sunday: Presbyterian Church celebrates with bible reading, prayer meet


Dhar: Presbyterian Church celebrated Easter Sunday under guidance of Malwa Church Christian Council as well as combined efforts of Christians United Club and Alwan Malwa Welfare Society.

Moderator SD Kuriya delivered the message on Easter Sunday and said that this occasion is a ray of hope for people to resurrect in their lives as lord is forgiving and provides power and victory to everyone. Convener and secretary Hansarani David gave information as well as report of the Holy Week.

Bible was read by Raju Francis, VK Das, SR Francis. Choir along with Namrata Damor, Alka Francis, and Sandeep Dayal presented hymns. Donation completion was completed by Vidhi Joy and Suneel Damor. Violet Ram Katare presented memoirs and testimony. Presbyterian community’s women’s board and youth committee organised Seetapat and a prayer meeting at early dawn at Christian graveyard as well as tributes were offered along with Bible recital. This was followed by snacks and breakfast distribution by Alwan Welfare Society and Christian United Club at Red Cross Society Old Age Home and Anand Nagar Leprosy Place.

The festival was celebrated at Moderator’s Home, Mission Compound, Mission Hospital, Mission School, Anand Nagar in the town. Easter Meet was organised under the instructions from Patron Sudheer Das in which cake cutting, dessert distribution took place. The place was decorated with flowers, garlands and lights.