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Dol Gyaras marked with grand processions


Mhow : First worshipped Lord Ganesh was bid adieu in the city for one year with demand of coming soon in the next year. Urban and rural devotees were full of religious fervor whole day.

Dol Gyars was celebrated with great zeal and devotion. Lord Ganesh idols from public places and every house holds were taken for visarjan to Goshala Ghat in the form of processions. The place was heavily crowded and children most of all enjoyed the fairs held at various places. Khedi Ghat, Kaker Pura Talab, Choral Dam, Jamli pond, Manpur Dam and Nakheri Dam are the places where people reached for Ganesh visarjan. Temples were specially ornamented on the occasion. Dol processions were out till late night. Most of the urban and rural areas people have already performed Lord ganesh visarjan but some public places and house hold Lord Ganesh idols will be taken out for visarjan on Anant Chodas.

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