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Congress spokesman thrashed by party members during Yagna


BHOPAL : Congress spokesman Ravi Saxena was beaten up by his own party workers during a Yagna, which was performed by the party in front of state Assembly on Friday to give wisdom to the state government.

Saxena was hit by Congress worker Mahesh, who drives car of Congress District President PC Sharma. Both had a physical duel and later, Saxena left the spot.

Saxena was assigned the responsibility to bring paraphernalia related to Yagna. He had brought the Yagna material, left it at the site and went somewhere. Before his returning, the Yagna was performed by PC Sharma, Jeetu Patwari and Vibha Patel.

Even photographs of performing Yagna were taken. This made Saxena furious and he started shouting on Sharma. This made Mahesh to burst up and he beat up Saxena.

According to sources, Saxena has given information of the incident to State President Arun Yadav and has demanded action.

On the other hand, Saxena said there was nothing special. He said he does not want to give importance to such persons by commenting on them.

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