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Changing weather paves way for viral attack


BHOPAL : The change in weather has brought viral diseases along. Very pleasant weather is not good for health, say doctors. The sudden rise and drop in temperatures during the days and nights and the festive season has only helped the spread of viral diseases. The hot weather during the day makes the body demand cold fluid, which harms the body. According to Dr SS Bhambhal, pediatrician, even though the weather is dry and hot, people will get cough and cold the most because of careless intake of cold drinks and not wearing anything warm during the night. She said, “The weather effects mostly children because they take cold water just after playing and also don’t wear anything warm at night. Also, this season gives rise to many skin problems because dry and moist skin is most susceptible to invite problems,” she said.

She also added students should take extra care in this weather, especially those appearing for the board exams. “During Holi, people get viral fever because they come in contact with many and also because of water, colours and reckless eating and drinking,” she said.


l Drink lots of plain water

l Wear light warm clothes during the evenings and nights

l Consult a doctor in case of skin problems and if a viral attack is not over in five days

l Students should take healthy diet and eat fruits


l Avoid drinking cold drinks and using air conditioner

l Try not to eat out much

l Wear loose clothes to keep body at normal temperature during the day

l Stay away from people having viral bouts