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BRTS railings give way, pose danger to commuters


Slack authorities, misuse by public lead to bent and broken railings along 24-km stretch

BHOPAL : Railings of the 24-km-long Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) Corridor—a public transport in the city– have been completely damaged at various places.  Commuters blame the lethargic attitude of the authority concerned for this condition.

It may be dangerous for commuters and traffic users as the rods are bent out towards the roadside. There is no monitoring or proper maintenance. From Polytechnic Square to Banganga Square, the railings are completely damaged. Similarly, on Hoshangabad Road, there are many places, where the condition is deplorable.

However, commuters are also responsible as they often jump across the railings to save time in crossing the road. On Hoshangabad Road, people can often be seen jumping the railings to cross the road.

Commuters say the authority is supposed to concentrate on their job and maintenance should be done on regular basis. If any service or facility has been introduced, it should be maintained properly for benefit of the citizens.  It is public transport and it has been introduced to streamline traffic in the city, they say.

Rajendra Singh, BE student, said, “It looks very ugly and n it is very dangerous for traffic. BRTS authority should realise its responsibility immediately repair the broken railings.”

Similar view was expressed by Dharmendra, an MBA student. “During night, whenever we ride bike, we have to be very careful otherwise, it will be dangerous. Either it should be removed or repaired,” he said.