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BJP state VP tells kids how Chouhan became CM, kicks up controversy


BHOPAL : Politics has begun on ‘Mil Banchein Madhya Pradesh programme’. The Bharatiya Janata Party has asked its all leaders to take part in this programme while Congress has accused the BJP of hijacking it.

BJP state vice-president Vijesh Lunawat told the children about chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s life and works at Government Middle School, Nehru Nagar. Lunawat narrated the students the story of struggle of Chouhan and how he became the chief minister.

Congress has registered its protest over Lunawat’s lessons. State Congress chief spokesman KK Mishra alleged that BJP is politicising education. He claimed that this campaign aims at improving the image of Chouhan.

Health minister Rustam Singh, who went to teach students in a school at Noorawad, Morena, ridiculed politicians. Singh told students that they should strive to get top posts by studying well. He said one need not study to become a politician and if they want to become doctors, engineers, police officers they should study seriously. Agriculture minister Gaurishankar Bisen at an Indore-based school asked questions from children on BJP and the Congress has taken exception to it.