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Bhopal: Women groups seek MP’s support on Women’s Reservation Bill


Bhopal: Women reservation bill which is pending for 22 years is a topic of lip service for every political party but there is a lack of political will in action. Women groups on Wednesday reached Bhopal to sensitise people on this issue.

To seek support from the people of the state for passage of the Women’s reservation Bill (WRB), women organisation including “CSR New Delhi”, “National Alliance for Women’s Reservation Bill”, “Mahila Chetna Manch, Child Rights Observatory Bhopal”, and “Sangini Resource Centre, Bhopal” is jointly organising a programme on Thursday.

Dr Ranjana Kumari , Director,Centre for Social Research (CSR), said “We are sending a letters in pink envelop seeking an appointment from the PM Narendra Modi, everyday. We want to present our demand of 33 percent reservation in public representation.” Dr. Ranjana Kumari, said that the government should pass the Bill at the earliest as it is “Now or Never” situation for women. India women have been fighting for last 22 years for passage of this Bill (this makes it the longest pending bill in the parliament).

“The government needs to act on it (WRB) quickly to regain people’s trust”she said. She added that women are disgusted and appalled with the fact that despite having full majority in the Lok sabha, the government is still ignoring the bill even though it has been in power for four years.

“In Indian politics men get priority over women. Almost all political parties mentioned 33 percent reservation for women in their manifesto’s but there has been no discussion on it so far,” said Nirmala Buch , President, Mahila Chetna Manch and MP Child Rights Observatory.

Patriarchy prevails in Indian policies

Even after 70 years of independence, in India crime against women is rampant and gender equality lacks in every sphere of society. If collective conscience of India, ingrained in patriarchy, is to be blamed for social injustice faced by women Indian politics does not offer any different story. Political status of women in India has failed to change despite our tall claims of being a progressive democracy.

Several countries of the world are witnessing an increase in the number of women in politics; however, India continues to lag behind. Her neighbours like Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh have reserved seats for the women in their parliament and state assemblies. Going by the numbers women hold mere 12 percent seats in Parliament and an average of 9 percent in State Assemblies in India. Studies show that India ranks 103 out of 140 countries in terms of number of women representation in Parliament and State Assemblies.

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