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Bhopal: Women embark on cleanliness drive, transform their locality


Bhopal: Inspired from the story of a woman who started cleaning her own colony in a function organized in Ravidas Nagar, 4-5 women, initially started cleaning the front of their houses and now they have started cleaning the whole colony. Taking a different path, these women don’t ask anyone to join them in cleaning the colony. They ask the residents to not throw waste anywhere by picking the waste in front of them. Working this way, many of the residents now join them in picking waste lying on the streets and cleaning the park and temple of the colony. “The idea worked and people whom we asked not to throw waste just anywhere have now joined us”, said Alpana Jha. Every Sunday, these women gather at the park, identify the area which needs cleaning and get to work there.

Alpana Jha, Colony Resident

“We think of just keeping the inside of the house clean but after listening to the story of a lady who was cleaning her colony herself I and few of my friends started with cleaning the outside of the house as well. My husband also joins us whenever he is free and also asks his friends to join us. So, when we start working people join us.”

Shalini Vishwakarma, Colony Resident

“We never ask anyone to join us but we ask them to not throw garbage anywhere and pick it up all by ourselves. This way they stop throwing garbage, polythenes and waste anywhere. We have also painted boards to inspire people with the money we contribute. We have also started segregating the waste, for example we ourselves keep polythene and non-degradable waste in one bin and keep the waste which can be given to cow and dogs. This way we are trying our best to keep at least our colony neat and clean”.

Rekha Soni, Resident

“Our efforts are now appreciated by other residents also. Every Sunday becomes a fun day for us as we set out on the cleanliness drive. Many elders from the colony also encourage and support us by joining us in the drive. We have transformed the park, it looks so good now. We painted the walls, watered the plants and clean it regularly. The inspiration also comes when people join us and appreciate our efforts. It is important to consider the colony as a part of our home and not the responsibility of just the authorities.”