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Bhopal: Will sent answer sheets for revaluation, says NLIU dir; resign, say students


bhopal, madhya pradesh, NILU, NILU director, National Law Institute University, SS Singh, battling allegations of favouritism

Bhopal: All answer sheets will be sent to Delhi for revaluation, said National Law Institute University (NLIU) director SS Singh, battling allegations of favouritism.

Meanwhile, students continued to demonstrate on the campus braving the night chill. The results are to be announced within a fortnight. Meanwhile, alumni have come out in support of students and rejected director’s claim that protest was based on sudden and unfounded grounds. They also expressed their readiness to visit the campus and give lectures so that students’ academic time was not lost due to administration apathy.

Meanwhile, the director has cancelled NLIU-INADR International Law School Mediation Tournament scheduled on November 19 & 20, as well as an Intellectual Conference on Intellectual Property Law and Policy, from November 26-30. However, association with Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team (PACT) continues to stand. Due to overwhelming support and unity of students, the tournament would now be called NLIU Speaks presents INADR International Law School Mediation Tournament.

Rohit Kumar, one of the students, said, “We have nothing to do with director sending answer sheets to Delhi for revaluation. We want his resignation as he promotes casteism and harasses girls in the name of dress. We are demanding his resignation over these two demands. Irregularities in evaluation have snowballed into major controversy in the past too.”

“The director has refused to allow the library function 24×7 even though it is a standard practice at other law universities and top institutions. He has cited security issues as the reason behind his refusal,” he said and added, “We did not oppose campus curfew but refuse to accept draconian hostel curfew clamped over flimsy ground of administration’s inability to ensure women’s safety. It is the responsibility of the college administration to ensure students’ safety on the campus.”

Ratibad TI Ashok Kumar Gautam said, “We have deployed police force to maintain peace. Peaceful protest is allowed in democratic set up. Students have long career ahead of them so we advised them against taking any wrong step. Police men are there and we are in regular touch with students as well administration.”

SDM Atul Singh said, “We are regularly monitoring the strike. Police have been deployed to avoid any untoward incident. So far, students have maintained peace throughout the demonstration.”