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Bhopal: West Central Railways has cancelled, reschedules trains on Guna section


BHOPAL: West Central Railways has cancelled and partially cancelled running of some trains from November 17 to December 11 between Guna-Ruthiyai rail section, following its non-interlocking work.

Consequently, Guna-Bina passenger will run between Maban station and Bina station from November 27 to December 11. Similarly, Guna-Bina-Guna passenger will remain cancelled from Guna to Bina during this period and Kota-Bina-Kota passenger will be cancelled during the said period.

Train number 19166 Sabarmati Express, originating from Darbhanga, will run via Bina-Bhopal-Maksi on December 12. Train number 19167 Sabarmati Express, originating from Ahmedabad, will run via Maksi-Bhopal-Bina on December 10.

Train number 11702, Indore-Jabalpur Express, starting from Indore, will run via Maksi-Bhopal-Bina on December 11.