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Bhopal: Waterlogging stares at Saket Nagar residents


Bhopal: With the state gearing up to welcome rain for the current season and residents waiting for a relief from scorching heat, there are a few reasons which may cause concern for the residents in city’s one of the prominent colonies Saket Nagar. Residents of Saket Nagar have faced the problem of waterlogging time and again and this year also they do not find any changes in the scenario. Owing to improper drainage system, rain waters get accumulated on roads and cause inconvenience to the people.

Motilal Gupta, resident of 9B in Saket Nagar says that the water accumulation on the road does not bother us in any other season except in rains. During rains the water gets accumulated on the roads due to improper drainage system. We can’t cross the roads without getting wet.

Another resident Anil Kumar who also lives in 9B says that during rains in previous year, several potholes were developed on roads. These potholes had caused us lot of problems in last year. Now the roads are repaired but still the improper drainage system will give us trouble in rainy season.

Ajay Yadav who also lives in the area says that the road near his house got submerged in last rainy season. The waste accumulated near his house will get mixed with water and will become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The road in the area also gives lot of trouble as drainage water spills on to the road in rainy season. Let’s see whether the drainage has improved or not this time, he said.

Anshu Saxena who lives in 9B too has apprehensions about the upcoming rainy season. Saxena says water accumulation on roads causes problem to two-wheelers. The drainage system is not that perfect to carry the rain waters, hence it gets accumulated on the roads. Wastes near the colony also get mixed with it and stench during rains, says Saxena.