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Bhopal: Vivekananda Library new policy panel brings in changes


20% new Hindi books, magazines every month; lib network to be formed

BHOPAL: Vivekananda Library has developed a book policy under which some changes have been made. In a meeting organised on Sunday by the newly formed policy committee, decision regarding books were taken and also new policies were formed in which it was decided that every month the library would purchase 20 per cent Hindi books and Hindi magazines will also be included in the library. Formation of an international-level research centre for research on books on Swami Vivekananda, formation of a Bhopal library network so that member of one library can get books from other libraries, formation of e-library for classics and rare books and formation of a special group for discussion and research were also finalised.

Apart from these changes, the library has also decided that 50 newly released books, 50 books suggested by members will be included and 100 books on a single topic will be brought. The library will also bring in 30 new movies and collection of 50 movies on a single theme will be developed.