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Bhopal: Trolley laden with marbles worth Rs 17L stolen; driver’s brother apprehended


Bhopal: With instructions of district police superintendent, additional police superintendent and under the guidance of SDOP Malhargarh, police succeeded in finding a trolley which was stolen on Thursday and caught the thief within 12 hours from Rajasthan. The thief happened to be the elder brother of the trolley driver. TI BL Solanki said that on Thursday a trolley full of marbles was stolen from the old market. According to information trolley number PB11BM4138 was carrying marbles from Jalore to Hyderabad and the driver stopped the trolley at his residence in Kherkhera Road to sleep. In the morning at 7:30 am the trolley had vanished. Driver Yusuf immediately gave information to old market police and police started investigations.

Police reached Nimbaheda with the complainant and after interrogating at the toll booth they came to know that the trolley had crossed the toll and after that they investigated at Chittod and got the location of the trolley. After reaching Bhilwada the complainant found his truck opposite Gurunanak petrol pump and the police caught the thief red handed. According to information the accused Gulam Mustafa, son of Nahru Bag, 38, is the elder brother of the complainant Yusuf. The accused is resident of Nimbaheda and he came to Malhargarh on Tuesday. Yusuf came to Malhargarh on Tuesday too where he had food and slept. Later in the night his brother ran away with the trolley. The keys were in the trolley. The truck had marbles worth Rs 17 lakh. The cost of the truck and the marble is Rs 42 lakh. The accused is an alcoholic and he planned to sell the truck.

Investigation was combined effort of TI BL Solanki, ASI Sandeep Sharma, Mahesh Sharma and others. The accused Mustafa has several theft cases against him. This year he was caught for stealing a Ryder and a Maruti car. Apart from these few days ago he was in jail for animal cruelty, he was released from the jail on May 9 and after 8 days he was again caught for theft. Accused went from Malhargarh to Neemuch hawayi patti, choti Sadri, Chittod and then Bhilwada. After Nimbaheda the truck crossed the toll because of which the police caught him red handed.