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Bhopal: Traffic police and BMC at loggerhead over stray animals


Bhopal: Stray animals, loitering around and even occupying the road, in the state capital have become a common sight. It exposes the laxity on the part of Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) administration as it disrupts the traffic flow and often leads to jams, accidents and at times it poses threat to the lives of passersby.

SP (Traffic) Mayank Jain said, “It is big head ache for traffic police to manage the show. We are doing double duties—managing the traffic and dispersing stray animals from middle of roads. According to law, cattle could not be allowed to loiter around freely. It provides for the kanji houses, where stray cattle are kept till their owner(s) come to claim them.

BMC administration also levy fine on irresponsible caretakers of animals. Similarly, there is a separate shelter home. Jain said “We are going send a notice to BMC administration as it is their responsibility to put stray animals in Kanji House.”

Residents said packs of stray dogs lurking in street corners, public parks and markets were a common sight. On most of the city roads, one could spot stray animals like cows, bulls roaming freely, feasting on garbage and chasing residents. People hesitate to venture out after dark due to the menace.

Commuters said that the stray cattle literally serve as the speed breakers for motorists, hindering the road traffic on many busy routes. The general public confront the menace posed by these animals mostly at night. The situation turns worse, when different parts of the city experience load shedding.