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Bhopal: Town in tizzy over traffic department crackdown on wrongly parked vehicles


Khandwa: Traffic police took action against the wrongly parked vehicles here at Bombay Bazaar locality here on Wednesday.

The action was taken as illegally parked vehicles in the area chock road leading to traffic jams very often. Municipality’s anti-encroachment group was also present with the traffic personnel during the drive. All the vehicles from Bombay Bazaar to municipality were taken away along with goods of shopkeepers kept outside shops.

During this operation, vehicles of many women and girls were also taken away. To avoid legal proceedings, several vehicle owners and their family members approached the police officials, but in vain. Traffic subdue Devendra Singh Parihar, SI Anju Sharma, Vinay Singh, Ajay Sarsur, Sachin Yadav and others were present during the operation.