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Bhopal: The creative bug drives these youngsters


BHOPAL: “Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it.” – Rumi.

As the above quote says, poetry fascinates everyone but only the gifted ones are able to row the pearls of words in a thread which gives you the experience of a journey you never had. Finding beauty even in the simplest of things and people, a poet can keep someone alive for ages through words. But now poets are not limited to just writing poetry. They have found new ways to give their passion, wings to fly high.

Giving voice to his poetry

Prateik Chauhan, entrepreneur

Prateik wrote his first poetry for a school competition on ‘Mother’ and since then he is passionately into poetry. “I have got the genes of writing from my father,” he said. “He just not writes poetries but also records them in his own voice to make sure that the poetry is read in the same way he felt while writing it. One rainy day, I recorded my poem on my phone as I wanted to jot down the lines so that I don’t forget them. Since the lights went out I could not write. My friends on hearing the recording told me that it was beautiful and I should continue this and thus I now record my poetries in my own voice. It also helps me to bring out the feelings I have when I write them,” he said. Prateik now has numerous poems uploaded on his website Highly inspired by Gulzar, he says that open mics had given him a platform to now express his poetries live in front of audience too.

Combining photography & poetry

Disha Malviya, photographer and poetess

“The idea didn’t strike me suddenly. It was gradually that I started combining my poetry with photographs clicked by me and honestly, this has helped me in expressing more. While as a kid, I wrote on topics but after getting into college and knowing life, I have evolved more as a mature poet. Now I don’t write on topics but on things which move me,” said Disha. Having a blog www.dishamalviya. of her own where she uploads her poems along with photographs, Disha completed her graduation last year and is now working on turning her passion into her profession.

Telling her tales through blogging

Nishita Grace Isaac, student

Nishita is pursuing English honours and is passionate about writing poems. Inspired by her father, who was a poet, she wrote her first poetry at the age of ten. “It was a horrible poem but is close to my heart,” she said. “I am just working on the path to be a published writer and that is why I have my blog where I write poetries. I am a confessional writer. Most of my poems are about life and what we face. When I started writing, I wrote mostly about life and death as I lost my father at a very young age and I was much moved. Slowly I shifted towards romantic poetry and human feelings like anxiety, fear, happiness,” she added. In her final year she writes poems on her blog under her pen name Grace.

From asst manager in travel firm to full time lyricist

Jitendra Parmar, poet

Jitendra left his well paying job as an assistant manager in a travel company and decided to be a full time poet two years ago. “I am in love with traveling and writing but it was writing which gave me the real peace of traveling. So, even after doing PG in travel management and landing a good job, I left it for writing,” said Jitendra. Hailing from a small village of Chatarpur, Nayagaon, Jitendra now works as a freelance lyricist for Etv, Doordarshan and writes documentaries. “I wanted to earn and write but just writing poetries will not earn me a living so I opted for creative writing and now I am happy,” he said.