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Bhopal: Spurt in cases of allergy, cough & cold as nights get chilly, days warm


BHOPAL: Allergies, viral infections, cough and cold and throat infections are common when weather changes. And that is what is happening in the state as of now.

Betul recorded 8 degree Celsius on Tuesday which was lowest in Madhya Pradesh.

Day temperature was quite above normal while night temperature reeled below normal in the state capital. Bhopal recorded a maximum temperature of 30.4°C which was 3°C above normal while it recorded a minimum temperature of 11.6°C which was 1°C below normal.

For the last fortnight, people feel hot in the day time. But by the evening, they start feeling the chill and need woollens. Similarly, in mornings, the weather is cold. This uneven weather is causing health problems like throat inflection, winter viral due to exposure.

Dr Veena Sinha of JP Hospital said, “Due to sharp changes in temperature, people suffer mostly from allergy and viral infection. In morning and in night there is chill so people should be cautious and take protection particularly kids.  In day, time it is much hot and people have to put off woolen and sweater.

Throat inflection, cold, cough, viral fever are common nowadays. People should take protection in morning and night.”