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Bhopal: Society divided on SC verdict on scrapping of section 377


Bhopal: Non-LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) community on Friday in Bhopal refused to comment on the SC decision of scrapping Section 377 of the IPC but expressed reservation about it saying, “We cannot challenge the verdict, but it is unnatural and society will not accept it.”Rashmi Agrawal, 37, social activist, said, “I think, SC verdict is wrong. It is against the nature. It will send wrong message to our next generation.”

Abid Khan a public relations officer in Bal Bhawan School, Bhopal said, “We can’t challenge the decision but it is against the religion whether it is Hindu or Muslim. Now, it is not illegal but it is still non–social. It may create vulgarity in society.”However, some people of non-LGBT community welcomed the decision.

Bhavna Pathak, a Ph.D. scholar (media studies) from Makhanlal Chaturvedi University, Bhopal said, “Being a citizen of democratic country, I appreciate the decision of the Supreme Court from bottom of my heart on Section 377. Living with someone is a personal choice. As they are adults, we cannot stop them.”

She further said that the United Nation has also praised the Supreme Court for the historical decision. Individual’s rights should be protected and respected. Society has to change its mindset. Now LGBTs can live happily without guilt or fear. It is our duty to respect Supreme Court’s decision. We have to accept that homosexuality is not a crime. Every relationship where there is love from both side is precious.”

“I am happy with the decision. Finally, western culture has entered the Indian society. If I am free to love anyone then why can’t they. The decision promotes individuality,” said Prateek Nagar, a businessman. Head of Education Department, Anand Vihar College for women, Varsha Saraswat said, “The decision is absolutely correct. After all they are also human being. How can we prohibit them to love. We should abide by the law.”

“I agree with the decision completely. Section 377 of IPC was not correct. Now, it is legal but implementation will take time as our society is judgmental. Live-in relationship is legal but is yet to be accepted by the society,” said 28-year-old Neerav, director of ‘Neer Events’