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Bhopal: Shodh Samagra gets ISSN number


HOSHANGABAD: Government PG college publish their quarterly research journal “Shodh Samagr”, the national science library provide ISSN number 2395-2725. The college is publishing this research journal regularly from last two years. The research papers of the researchers and the professors are published in the journal on various subjects like arts, science, commerce and home science. The chief editor of research journal and principal of the college Kamini Jain said that National Institute of Science and Communication and Information resource centre, New Delhi has included ” Shodh Samagr” under Directory of ISSN series, number 597. Important and famous research journal which are published from various places of all over India have been placed in this directory. The professor and the researchers regarding to higher education department, besides from them if any scholar teacher and researcher wished to publish his research paper in “Shodh Smagr” then he can contact to the college.