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Bhopal: Shamla Hills is no one’s permanent address says Shivraj Singh Chouhan


BHOPAL: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, speaking at a press conference held on completion of his 11 years in office here on Tuesday, said the CM House at Shamla Hills was nobody’s permanent address and that the people decide who would occupy it. Chouhan said he his party and the people had catapulted him to the top position,

Responding to a question, Chouhan said the burden on government schools will further rise if children of politicians and officers start studying in them. Chouhan was asked to respond to government’s claim of reforms in health and education sectors. He said the making of Ladli Lakshmi Yojana was the happiest moment of his tenure while Petlawad tragedy was the most painful one.

Commenting on a question on terming SIMI under-trials as terrorists, he said deeds lead to shaping of perceptions. It is the government’s job to protect society, whenever there is any danger.

Chouhan said bureaucracy in the state is not dominating. He said he got bureaucracy implement whatever he wished during his term. Speaking on digital currency, he said Internet connectivity will be ensured in every village to promote cashless transactions. The Chief Minister said state is in the pink of financial health. He said loans are taken for development and at present, the interest rates are much lower than they were earlier.

Government to sponsor higher education of all talented students

Chouhan said government is going to launch a scheme under which the government will pay the fees of every talented student taking admission in reputed institutions of higher learning. He said this scheme would be applicable to all sections of society and would be implemented from the next session. Chouhan said a law would be passed to provide land to everyone to make sure that every person has a house.

Ministers, MLAs to give details of their bank accounts

Chouhan said all instructions given by the Prime Minister Narendra will be followed. He said ministers in state government, MPs and MLAs will also give details of their bank accounts. Modi has asked to make details of transactions in bank accounts from November 8 to December 30 public.