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Bhopal: Serbian Prof Sarit Kumar Chaudhuri talks about ‘Sacred  tree in traditional Serbian Culture’


BHOPAL: Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya organised the next chapter of its popular series, Museum Popular Lecture on Thursday. Dr Zoja Karanovic (retired Professor, Temerin, Serbia) spoke on ‘Sacred Tree in Traditional Serbian Culture’. The lecture was chaired by Prof Sarit Kumar Chaudhuri, Director, IGRMS.

Dr Karanovic explained sacred trees in Serbian culture through power-point presentation. She said “Tree is one of the oldest symbols, one of the basic elements in modelling of the world. Universal mediator – at the same time it relates to the top (God), medium (people) and bottom, chthonic (ancestors) worlds”. She further said “Oak in the traditional culture of the Slavs most revered tree connected with the God of thunder Perun and symbolizes power, strength. Sacred trees are called as ‘Zapis’ by the Serbs”. She also compared religious signs on sacred trees in Serbia with Swastik signs on trees in India.