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Bhopal: School, college buses resume normal operations


BHOPAL: After a single-day strike on Monday by the School and College Bus Owners’ Association (SCBA), all the school and college buses presumed their routine operations on Tuesday in the city. About 2,500 school and college buses which were off the roads on Monday due to the strike, transported school children and college students on their scheduled timings.

On Monday the members of SCBA had called a one-day strike against the district administration’s order to install GPS-enabled tracking system and CCTV cameras in all the school buses running in Bhopal district. Going on strike they said no such guidelines had been issued by the Supreme Court for all the school buses citing which the district administration had passed the order.

On Saturday, April 15, the deadline set by the district administration for installation of the devices expired and it warned stern action under Section 144 for all the violators. “We presumed our services as usual on Tuesday and transported children to and from their schools. No action was taken today by the district administration against the bus operators who have not installed the two devices in their buses. However, we still stick to our stand that there is no such guideline by the SC which says that all buses should have the devices except the ones attached to CBSE board schools,” said district convener of SCBA, Sunil Dubey adding they were waiting for the reply from governor to whom they had submitted a memorandum consisting their demands including the rollback of the administration’s order.

Additional district magistrate Disha Nagwanshi, while speaking to Free Press said Section 144 imposed by the administration was still there and violators of the order would be punished accordingly. “Today no action was taken by us. From tomorrow the schools would be closed due to the rise in temperature which can be considered as extra time for those bus operators who are yet to install the GPS tracking system and CCTV cameras in their buses. We would, however, conduct surprise checks and punish the violators whenever the schools re-open,” said Nagwanshi.