Bhopal: Scanty rainfall effect – Vegetable prices to soar, airborne ailments on rise


Bhopal: Scanty rainfall may cause many problems for the people. Bhopal has 22 per cent deficit rainfall till today. If situation prevails, many problems will crop up.

Pipe-water supply will be badly affected. However, PHE department is quite hopeful as it is still one and half months to go in monsoon withdrawal. But vegetable suppliers are in tension as vegetable supply in winter season will be definitely affected. On the health front, airborne diseases like viral, cough, throat infections are on rise and OPDs will witness huge rush even as there will be long queues outside hospitals, fear doctors.

PHE superintendent engineer Rajendra Kumar Hirodinia, clarifying the picture, said, “It is quite premature to comment on possible water crisis as it is still one and half month to go for withdrawal of monsoon.” On rainfall deficit, the SE said, “It is true that Bhopal district has 22 per cent less rainfall till today. But on the basis of it, it is not justified to access the situation for water stock. People should be hopeful and situation will improve in days to come.”

Wholesale supplier of vegetables Kailash Sharma said, “Bhopal district has 22 per cent rain deficit. And if trend prevails longer, it may cause water supply problem, and vegetable prices will soar in winter. Right now, there is no impact as vegetables are already being supplied. The vegetables which have been sown will be affected if situation continues to prevail.”

JP Hospital’s Dr AK Dwivedi said, “Because of humidity, people are suffering from various problems like respiratory, breathing, viral, throat infections. People should avoid crowded places as sneezing, coughing etc spread the virus. Healthcare professionals inhale and get infected. Airborne diseases rise in such weather.”


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