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Bhopal: Safety of Bodhi tree makes policemen’s life difficult


Bhopal: Former Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa had planted sapling of a Bodhi tree on September 21, 2012 on the land given for Sanchi University.  Even after 6 years, construction of varsity building is far from over but a posse of cops has been looking after the tree round the clock.

The cops are paying a heavy price for guarding the tree. They don’t get either safe drinking water or proper arrangement for their stay. These cops live under a tin shed atop the hill and are protecting the Bodhi tree.

Constable Phool Singh, entrusted with the task of protecting the tree, said they had been facing difficulty for years in the absence of potable water and other facilities. He said they have made a makeshift tin shed to live. Singh said three constables have been put on duty there on rotation basis. Singh said he was doing duty to protect the tree for the past three months.

When the bhoomi pujan of the university was conducted, the police had expected that the building would be ready soon. The safety of tree would be the responsibility of the university administration. Even after six years, the construction of building has not yet started. Policemen deputed here are waiting for the building to be built here.

The varsity land is close to a village and local residents often try to encroach the land. The villagers maintain that the construction of the varsity building could not be completed because of a minister. The people reside near Sanchi know that the local MLA and forest minister Gaurishankar Shejwar has become the biggest obstacle in the construction of building of Sanchi University. The university is currently running from a rented building, which is Shejwar’s residence.