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Bhopal: Regular maintenance key to safe lifts


BHOPAL: “Once, I was going to attend a function on the ground floor. Suddenly the lift stopped and I got locked inside. Initially, I was scared and couldn’t figure out what to do. But I didn’t lose courage and managed to come out with the help of the guard,” said 10-year-old Aatharv, who lives on the fifth floor of Betwa Apartment in New Market, adding that “Such things keep on happening”.

Ruchi Saxena who works in private company says, “Most of time the lift of Navbharat Building in MP Nagar is non-functional. I myself got stuck in it for an hour. I had some work in the Videocon office located in the building.”

And these are not isolated incidents. People face these kinds of problem daily but they are not taken seriously.

On Sunday, two women sustained serious injuries when a lift plunged to the ground floor from the fifth in the six-storied Surendra Residency Apartment at Shahpura.

The Free Press Journal visited some multi-storied residential and office complexes of the city to have a look on the condition and maintenance of lifts.

Elevator Safety Tips

If the elevator should ever stop between floors, do not panic, there is plenty of air in the elevator.

Never climb out of a stalled elevator

Use the ALARM or HELP button, the telephone or the intercom to call for assistance

Above all, wait for qualified help to arrive and never try to leave an elevator that has not stopped normally

Emergency lighting will come on in event of a power failure

RK Mehta, 70, resident of Betwa Apartment

This is the first building of MP Housing Board in the city. I am living here for the 30 years but I never had to face any serious problem as far as lifts are concerned. No doubt, sometimes problems occur when there is power failure but guards manage it.

Laxman Das Manwani, 75, resident of Tapti Apartment, New Market

I have been living here since 1984 but I haven’t faced any major problem. The apartment has two lifts but one is not functioning for the past one year. Three liftmen are deployed here for providing 24X7 service. Light nahi rahne par problem hoti hai but what to do?

Mahendra Mani, deputy manager, Apex Bank, New market

This is a 43-year-old building but such a situation never ever came. The building has six floors and two lifts of OTIS with automatic rescue device (ARD).  In case of power failure, the lifts stops at the nearest landing with the help of the device. We have annual maintenance with OTIS and it is their responsibility if any fault occurs. They came for maintenance work quarterly or we call them when needed.

DR Pal, lift operator in Panchanan Building, New Market

We have two automatic lifts of OTIS care company and four lift operators. It is maintained by the company so there has not been any incident till now. The building is 35-year-old with six storeys and I’m working for the past thirty years. Small problems we handle ourselves. And for emergencies, contact number of concern persons like officers, lift operators and OTIS people are available in lift. Also, the users can use the alarm bell fitted in the lift.

Tajwar, liftman in Betwa Apartment, New Market

The apartment has seven storeys with 70 flats. It has two lifts. But no serious incident has taken place here. I’m the only liftman here and handle both the lifts one in the mornings and the other in the evenings. If there is a small fault, I manage myself. If I am not able to handle it, I contact OITS. The lifts automatically stop in case power supply gets snapped.