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Bhopal: Police patrolling is poor, say senior citizens


Bhopal: Elderly people who are worried about two recent incidents in which a couple was murdered and another was beaten up demanded regular police patrolling in every colony to avoid such incidents.

Author Devendra Deepak, 86, who lives with wife at Kolar Road told Free Press that that two incidents have worried them. “If we go into its root, we will find that it is a cultural and social issue. It is happening because of deteriorating moral values,” he said.

He further said that it is difficult to make out whom one should believe. Such incidents enhance negativity. It raises question on our law and order.

Beauty Parlor Association president Dr Sarita Shrivastava who lives in Gulmohar Colony demanded regular night patrolling in every colony. She said servants are not as reliable as they were earlier. “We are planning to install alarm in which we can feed some contact number of our relatives so that they can be informed about danger.”

“We are not afraid but we are taking precautions. Similar incident occurred in Arera Colony five years ago. Police then had decided to adopt safety measurements for elderly people but nothing happened. We also have a dog for security,” said Dr Shailbala Saxena, a retired professor of MLB College.

Housewife Sarita Maheshawari who lives in Arera Colony said, “We are feeling unsafe after incidents. The police protection is very poor in our area.”

We are working to bust gang of criminals. Secondly, we have also instructed our staff to take details of elderly people of their areas and tell them about SOS number. If they can afford, we will suggest them to install CCTV camera at their homes. Such safety measures will help in decrease of crimes.