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Bhopal: Plant a tree if you love me, said in his will


Bhopal: The union minister of state for forests and environment (Independent charge) Anil Dave had written in his will that his last rites should be performed at the ghat of River Narmada at Bandrabhan, where he used to organise Nadi Mahotsav. In a document titled “My Wish and my Will” dated 23 July, 2012, he expressed the wish that after his death, no memorial should be constructed to commemorate him, no award or contest of any kind should be instituted and his statue should not be installed. He said that he should be cremated with Vedic rites.

Dave had written that those who want to remember him should plant trees and look after them till they grow up. They can also do whatever they can for the preservation of rivers, lakes and ponds; but his name should not be associated with any such endeavour. At the end, he sought apologies for any mistakes he might have committed. Initially, it was decided to cremate him at Indore. Then, his brother Abhay Dave found his Will in a sealed envelope. He sent it to the chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, after which it was decided to perform his last rites at Bandrabhan. It will be performed with Vedic rites and no rituals will be performed after it.

Chouhan said that when he received the Will of Dave, he consulted his family members and it was decided that his last rites would be performed as per his wish. Dave had written this will after he underwent a bypass surgery following a cardiac event.