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Bhopal: People bitter about low withdrawal limits from ATMs


BHOPAL: After demonetisation, people can withdraw Rs 2,500 from ATMs in a day  but  it is not happening.

In reality, only Rs 2000 are being dispensed from the ATMs.

On Friday, people had to suffer a lot while withdrawing money from ATMs because some ATMs are closed while others have no cash.

And even the ones that are open are only dispensing Rs 2000, a limit people find too low.

Free Press Journal visited city-based ATM and talked to people to know their problem.


Pura system bekaar hai


Rajeev Sharma, 29, working in private company

I need money for purchasing  household articles but it is not dispensing from ATM machine.  I’m coming from MP to New Market but my card is not supporting. All  ATMs is empty, some are closed , some are not functioning. Also, limitation of withdrawing money is limited.  Also,  the machine is  dispensing  either note of  500 or 2000,  not note of Rs 100. Earlier, it was not so. Pura system bekar ho gaya hai.




Need Rs 6K for MRI


Sumit  Tiwari, 22, boxing player

My uncle is admitted  to a hospital and  now we need Rs 6,000 for his MRI but I can get only Rs 2,000 from ATM. The total treatment expenditure of hospital is 20,000. We have no cash now and all banks are closed. So we had to give blank cheque to the hospital. Problem to bahot hai but what to do, we have no option except this.





How to buy b’day gift?


Aarti Narware, 26, housemaker.

Sare ATM chhan mare, Bhopal ke ATM mein kahi bhi paise nahi hai.  Last night we went New Market and Jawahar Chowk’s ATM for purchase gift for birthday party but had to return empty hand. Most of ATMs are closed today and some are not working.  Card is accepting once after trying four times with limited amount. We don’t have money to fulfill daily requirements. Problem hi problem hai. Sab kutchh bakbas ho raha hai…




What if I need Rs 10,000 on bank holiday?


Tarun Bachchan, 21, B.Com  student

Bahot dikkat hai. As per the rule, we can withdraw Rs 2500 from ATM in day but in reality RS 2000 only dispensing from ATM machine. Also, till two days including today and tomorrow, the bank would be remain closed. Suppose we have to pay big amount like Rs 10,000 today then what to do.





A rule a day


Ram Sewak Sharma, 58, government employee

Actually, I’ve no cash crunch as such but people have become confused due to changes in rules. Every day our prime minister is changing rules. They don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I think,  rules should be clear taki janta bhramit na ho.