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Bhopal: ‘Paanse’ is about genesis of the Mahabharata


BHOPAL: Scripted by city-based eminent Hindi poet and playwright Rajesh Joshi and directed by Mukesh Verma, a play ‘Paanse’ was staged for the first time in Hindi at the Antarang Hall of Bharat Bhawan on Monday.

Based on an Odiya poem of Sarladas, the mythological play is about what led to the epic battle of Mahabharata. It also highlights Duryodhan’s conflicts with the Pandavs and how he defeated them in the game of dice. The play begins with a Nandi song after which the narrator takes over.

It opens with the scene in which Duryodhan is fuming because the Pandavas had made fun of him by calling him ‘Golak Putra’. Then he blames his grandfather Gandhar and uncle Shakuni for getting his father married to a widow. As revenge, he resolves to destroy the Pandavas.

The treatment of the play was poetic. The musical part was presented in the Pandwani style by artists of Samanantar Theatre Group, Bhopal. Rupesh Tiwari as Duryodhan, Milan Singh as Shakuni, Shalini Gupta as Kunti and Kusum Shahtri as Gandhari were in the lead roles.  Suggestive sets, colourful lights and music were used aptly.  Lights were designed by Tanaji Rao and music by Hemant Devlekar.

 “The interpretation of Odiya poet Sarladas introduced a new dimension to Mahabharata. The play was prepared in two-and-a-half months,” said director Mukesh Verma.