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Bhopal: MP’s record in crime against children is no better


Bhopal: The state government on Monday passed the bill in which people who will rape girls upto 12 years of age will get capital punishment.

However, more amendments are needed in laws to ensure proper safety of children in Madhya Pradesh. The 2016 figures released by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) are an indicator. According to NCRB, the state ranked third in the country in crime against children in 2016. In 2014, MP had topped the list. In 2015, the state slid to second position.

In 2016, 13,746 cases of crime were reported against children, which was 12.9 percent of the total crimes taken place in the country against children. In all, 132 children were murdered while attempts were made to murder 40 children. In 12 cases, children were forced to end life. Besides, 14 children were killed just after their birth while 19 cases of foeticide were reported.

Last year, 6,119 children were kidnapped in which 2,647 were girls. About 1,556 girls were kidnapped to force them to marry. Five girls were sold while 1,086 children were kidnapped for other reasons. About 2,479 minor girls were raped while 44 children faced sexual harassment and 93 children became victims of unnatural sex.

Indore, the state’s commercial capital, was placed on eighth position out of 19 cities in registering crime against children. Indore registered 636 such crimes in 2016. In the city, 371 children were kidnapped and 22 of them were compelled to marry. Four children became victims of unnatural sex. About 113 girls were raped, 60 faced sexual assault and three of them had faced sexual harassment.

Madhya Pradesh is not safe for senior citizens either. In 2016, the state ranked second in crime against senior citizens. About 3,877 such cases were registered. Maharashtra topped the list.

In MP, 84 senior citizens were murdered. There were 36 cases in which attempts were made to murder them. About 192 people were assaulted. Seven old women were raped while 126 were robbed. Houses of three senior citizens were attacked by dacoits while 62 were defrauded. Indore stood at 11th position out of 19 cities in the list of highest crime against senior citizens in the country. In 58 cases, senior citizens became victims of criminals.