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Bhopal: Minor fire in hospital, reception area gutted


BHOPAL: Patients panicked after fire erupted in Ayush Hospital near Prabhat Petrol Pump, Raisen Road, under Ashoka Garden police station on Wednesday. Fire was due to short circuit.  However, the incident has not been reported to police.

Patients  were shifted to a safer place by the para-medical staff. Immediately fire fighters were informed. Two firefighters were dispatched from Pulbogda fire station. Sofas and other items were gutted in fire which was put off later on.

Sima Gupta, 35, who had sustained 60 per cent burns was in burn unit of the Hospital.

As per the police, it was minor fire which was due to short circuit. Only it spread upto sofa in reception. It was immediately putt off.  Fire fighters were called from Pull-Bogda fire station. Two fire fighters were pressed into job to extinguish the fire.