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Bhopal: ‘Make your skin winter-friendly, use moisturiser and sunscreen’


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Bhopal: Your skin hates winter, central air conditioning, dry winds, icy walk home at night, and the alcohol you swill at parties.  A gentle massage on your skin with your favourite moisturising cream day and night, keeps the skin protected from dryness, said Rachna Shewani, celebrated Bollywood make-up artist.

Shewani told Free Press, “We need special care for skin in winter. Our skin generally becomes much dry during this season. So we should do deep moisturising of our skin and lips daily.” We normally do foundation-based makeup. We should use lesser amount of compact and apply cream blusher, she added.

The make-up artist emphasised on the use of sunscreen on face as well as exposed body parts saying that it saves it from ultraviolet rays and tanning. “Most of the people enjoy sun bathing during winters. So, we should use sunscreen more in this season than in summer. We should also apply sunscreen on our whole body when we go for swimming especially in public swimming pools because there chlorine is mixed with water. That makes our skin black.”

About the latest make-up trend, she said, “Light glossy, nude and bright make-ups are in demand. Bright colours lipsticks like red, maroon, pink and plum are also much sought-after in winter. Glittered lipsticks are also in vogue. If we talk about Kajal then dark and white kajal are in fashion but white one is preferred by teenagers and brides.”

Bollywood make-up and hair styles are always in demand, said Rachna. Nude make-up of Kareena Kapoor, messy bun hair style of Deepika Padukone and her bridal make-up in movie Padmavat are also in huge demand, she added. “Our clients send photographs of the lead actors’ hair-styles and make-ups through social media especially Whatsapp. We have booked 12 orders for New Year in advance,” added the freelance make-up expert.

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