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Bhopal: Love is here, thanks SC for scrapping Section 377, says LGBTQ community


Bhopal: People of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) community welcomed the Supreme Court judgment decriminalising Section 377 of the Indian Penal Court (IPC). They called the verdict historic and thanked the apex court for ending the curse. For them, it was freedom at midday — a rebirth. Twenty-one-year-old Tarun Chauhan who is pursuing bachelor’s degree in textile design from NIFT, Bhopal said that he cried out of happiness after hearing the verdict.

Chauhan told Free Press, “Congratulations to LGBTQ community in India, Section 377 is finally gone, no one can be called criminal for loving somebody. Thanks Supreme Court for restoring our faith in judiciary.” He further said, “I got bullied in my teenage by family and “friends”. I explored my sexuality after I moved out of Khajuraho. Since then, it’s going pretty well. I now live in a very protected and supportive environment. I’m proud to be myself.”

Vice-president of Mitra Shringaar Samiti, Bhopal, Sanjana Singh Rajput said, “Indeed, it is a big achievement.  We thank Supreme Court and all NGOs who worked for us. Finally we got our right to equality to live with freedom. We are happy and getting calls of congratulation from our relatives and friends after the court’s decision.” Singh said that it is a first step, next we have to work for transgender bill’, health and education and employment.

President, Anmol Samaj Sevi Sanstha, Majeed said, “We are happy because ab hum apradhi ke shreni se bahar ho gaye hai …’. We have decided to celebrate it as ‘Independent Day’.  We have been working for the health of the people of the community for 15 years. And I think that the decision will help reduce incidence of HIV Aids among the community people. Now, they will come out for treatment without hesitation. And I am sure that their parents will also understand.”  Majeed who belongs to LGBT community thanked Humsafar Trust, Mumbai and Naad Foundation, Delhi for the honest effort.

 “We are quite happy. Now I will have the right to live my life completely. Now, there is no discrimination. We will definitely celebrate it but not publicly because of anti-social element in the society,” said founder of Devi Rani Kinnar Samaj Kalyan Samiti, Bhopal, Devi Rani said. Abhishek who is one of the members Badlao Samiti, Indore, said “We were confident that the decision be in our favour from the beginning. We are glad that we have won the first war. Aage bhi jung jari rahegi…”.

Really, it’s a historic decision. We have been fighting for this for a long time.  The decision will be a milestone for LGBT community. It will also help in marriage and child adoption. The number of transgender in the city is nearly 2500, says Adil Raza Mansoori, an advocate, district court, Bhopal. It is a remarkable decision in a democratic country like India where people associate it with religion and morality.

The decision is scientific and comprehensive. It will help recognize the different shades of nature. I fail to understand that in a society where the concept of ‘Ardhnarishwar’ is quite, why people think that we are wrong. No doubt, it will take time and efforts to implement it, says Rahul Sharma, Psychologist

A huge population in India today is free and finally granted their right legally. It is a historic day for all of us and not just the LGBTQIA community. The next step now is to get rid of homophobia from the mentality, says Kokila Bhattacharya, LGBTQ activist. The LGBTQ people and NGOs who are working for the welfare of the people belonging to LGBTQ in the city celebrated the historic day. Members of Bhopal Pride expressed their happiness waving rainbow flag at Upper Lake. They also carried placards with slogans ‘Love is here’, ‘We don’t Ask for your validation’ etc.