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Bhopal: Love for Devnagri script on number plates against rule


Bhopal: Hindi is one of the official languages of India and widely spoken in Madhya Pradesh by the people. But it seems that some of the people of the capital have reciprocated this love on the registration plates of their vehicles by having the vehicle’s registration number in Devnagri script.

Some of the vehicle owners are running their vehicles on the roads of the city with registration plates having the registration number written in Hindi which is completely illegal and against the rules mentioned in Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. As per rule 50 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules, the letters on the vehicle registration number plate should be in English and the figures in Arabic numerals. No other language is allowed on the registration plates but some of the vehicles in the city seem to defy the rule and bear the registration plates with figures and numerals in Devnagri script of Hindi language.

The people of the city and other commuters when spoke to Free Press on the issue believed that Devnagri scripted registration plates may create problem during any possible accident involving the defaulter vehicle. “This should not be allowed at all as it is illegal. Apart from that if the defaulter vehicle is involved in a hit and run case then there may be a problem in noting down the registration number of that vehicle because of the Hindi registration plate. Most of the people can read Hindi letters but not numerals which might pave a way for the arrest of the accused driver of that vehicle in any accident or hit and run case,” said 23-year-old student and resident of Bhopal Manish Gupta.

Another resident of the city and a commuter on the roads of Bhopal, Keshav Prasad said that some of the offenders having the illegal registration plates in Hindi language on their vehicles feel a sense of patriotism in that. “They think that they are patriotic if they have the registration number of their vehicle written in Hindi language but they don’t know that it is completely illegal. Police should take strict action against those offenders and penalise them according to rules and regulations,” added Prasad.

Speaking to Free Press on the issue, additional superintendent of police, traffic, Sameer Yadav said that the police regularly take action against the offenders. “The Hindi number plates are completely illegal as it is clearly mentioned in the motor-vehicles rules that the letters should be in English and numerals in Arabic. Police on regular intervals take actions against such offenders and penalise them accordingly. In future also the police would continue to take action against the offenders,” said Yadav.