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Bhopal: Look into reality behind Jay’s Shah growth: Deepak tells Modi


Bhopal: Alleging that the Central government had given undue favours to the companies owned by Jay Shah, the son of BJP national president, AICC general secretary Deepak Bawaria said that the Prime Minister should come forward to find out the reality behind the growth of his firms.

Addressing a press conference, here on Tuesday Bawaria raised seven questions over the huge spike in revenues of Jay Shah’s companies after Narendra Modi came to power.

He informed that one of the companies Kusum Finserve has set up a windmill turbine of 2.1 mega watt capacity in Ratlam district. The state government’s renewal energy department which allotted the project also sanctioned Rs 10.35 crore loan to set up the windmill, he alleged. What is making everyone to provide such huge amount to a small company which does not even has experience in undertaking power generation? he inquired.

Bawaria further assed that the company which was facing huge losses in the year 2012-13 and in the year 2016 was on the verge of closure, dramatically rose to such height that it multiplied its turnover to 16000 times today.  Claiming that the company has received Rs 51 crore from foreign accounts, he said that the nation wants to know the sources and for what work the money was deposited.

No land allotted to Amit Shah’s son: Nandkumar Singh

The BJP state president Nandkumar Singh termed the Congress allegations against Jay Shah and Amit Shah as baseless. Speaking to media persons here he claimed that Jay Shah had not taken any land in Ratlam from the state government. A Mumbai-based company had set up the windmill in the area and company of Jay Shah had invested in it, he added. “The party will going to take legal advice and will file a defamation case against AICC general secretary Deepak Bawaria.” BJP leader said.

Choski Energy purchased land: Urja Vikas Nigam MD

While talking to Free Press Urja Vikas Nigam MD Manu Shrivastava informed that Choski Energy private limited company, which is a developer, has set up wind power generation unit in Jawara tehsil of Ratlam district. The company had called the investors to invest in the wind power generation and the Kusum Finserve had invested in setting up the 2.1 mega watt power unit in it. The company Choski had purchased the private land and is developing the power generation unit in it. “The department had not given any land to Kusum Finserve in Ratlam district to set up windmill unit,” he claimed.