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Bhopal: Lohani accuses previous govts of weakening railway infrastructure


Bhopal: Without making any direct reference to any particular political party or leadership, chairman railway board (CRB) Ashwani Lohani accused previous governments of creating poor infrastructure and various other hardships which the Railways has been currently struggling with in the country.

Interacting with media on the sidelines of 3-day railway exhibition, which he inaugurated here at Bhopal Hatt on Sunday, Lohani said “It is the previous governments which were least bothered about the basic problems related to demand and supply in railways. Now, our more focus is on improvement of infrastructure according to demands so that we can ensure better facilities to passengers.” He further alleged that “The previous governments did not take much initiative to strengthen infrastructure. Consequently, we are having hard nut to crack.”

In reply to volley of questions regarding rush in trains and late-time schedule, the CRB chairman said “We are trying our level best to improve. More coachers and tracks are in our agenda. We are just concentrating on laying more tracks, so that more trains could be introduced to handle the rush. Better and hi-tech coaches are being manufactured and these coaches will be used soon.”

Citing the Union budget which proposed installing WiFi and CCTV cameras in all the trains and stations and escalators in stations having a footfall of over 25,000, Lohani said “Executing the project is a huge thing. WiFi and CCTV cameras are essential and also, it is indeed necessary to focus on improving railway infrastructure and facilities.” Meanwhile, high speed trains (bullet trains), ‘Mahamna’ model and others interesting models are engaging a large number of visitors at the exhibition.