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Bhopal: Litigation policy takes a backseat as government focuses on election


Bhopal: Even after four months of its approval by the state cabinet there has been no further development on the Madhya Pradesh State Litigation Management Policy 2018. The policy prescribes for the formation of empowered committee besides other bodies at various levels but not a single order has been issued by the state government related to it till date.

The policy mandates government to form a state level empowered committee consisting of chief secretary and principal secretaries of law, home, GAD, finance, revenue, DG police, Director Prosecution, additional advocate general as nominated by advocate general besides secretary law.

The government order to constitute this body hasn’t been issued till date. Constituting the state level empowered committee would be the first step towards implementing the policy. “Government’s priorities keep changing and at present the state government is engaged more in election preparations and litigation policy issue has taken a back seat,” said a senior official requesting anonymity.

Besides this there shall be a department level empowered committee in each department consisting of four members including secretary of the department. The order for this committee too has been not issued yet. “Implementing this policy also requires recruitment at various levels like nodal officers in various departments. At present state government seems to have less time to get into this process,” said an official.