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Bhopal: Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya ‘happy’ over top leaders’ implication


BHOPAL: Minister for higher education Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya is among the ‘karsevaks’ who are facing trial in the Babri demolition case for treason in the special CBI court. He was national president of Bajrang Dal at the time of the demolition of the mosque at Ayodhya.

Pawaiya said he was happy that senior leaders had been made accused in the case as now ‘all of us will together face the trial’. He said he did not think any decision in the matter would come in his lifetime. Pawaiya said a religious place of worship named after an alien invader was a blot on the country and had to be removed. He said the case was a part of a ‘national movement’.

Pawaiya said the case was fabricated by the Congress. “When the Congress governments could not provide any evidence to the court in 25 years, how will any evidence surface now?” He said he would be facing the trial not as an accused but as a patriot. On the other hand, Ajay Singh, leader of opposition in Vidhan Sabha has demanded that Union minister Uma Bharati and Pawaiya should resign in the wake of the SC judgment. Reacting to the demand, Pawaiya said the Congress had lost its head. “The party does not know how the people of the country view the Ramjanmabhoomi Andolan,” he said.